On this page you can see the current range of fireworks stocked by us which can be purchased online or in our shop. These are all excellent fireworks guaranteed to make any occasion go with a bang!

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There are some astounding effects from this little 24 shot cake. In fact you will find it hard to believe how good it really is for the money. A brilliant straight firing cake with Dragon Eggs, blue and red strobes, gold willow and green tipped brocades along with much more.  Price TBC.   Click on the video to watch the firework.
 Gold Rush
An awesome 36 shot garden barrage with the performance and spectacle of a much bigger firework. Firing a consistent stream of stunning gold brocade crown effects, Gold Rush is a superb ‘must have’ firework. Price TBC.   Click on the video to watch the firework.
A brilliant 50 shot cake with amazing multi-coloured effects at an astounding price. Same size as Starburst and just as fantastic. Price TBC.    Click on the video to watch the firework.
 Imperial Brocade
An exceptional 20 shot Category 2 firework that takes the spectacular Brocade Crown effect to another level. Mixing the thick Gold Brocades with sequences of coloured stars makes this a real connoisseur’s firework. Price TBC.   Click on the video to watch the firework.
The name says it all !! This colossal 25 shot large bore category 3 display firework has it all, thick glitter tails on the way up breaking into a mix of vibrant multi-coloured effects featuring willows, brocades and Dragon Eggs with fantastic blues, greens and reds. OMG also features dual fusing for added safety. Price TBC. Click on the video to watch the firework.
 fever  Fever
This stunning and pretty 49 shot firework offers tremendous effects and outstanding value for money. Packed with numerous effects such as red, green and purple Chrysanthemums with Dragon Eggs combinations, building to a massive multi-shot Dragon Egg finale. Perfect family firework. Price TBC.
A 75 shot CAT 2 firework which your back garden will never have seen anything like before. Bandicoot is an outstanding display in a box with effects to match. Firing straight up with a great range of effects like red stars and silver glitter, green tip brocades, gold flitter, red tip brocades with purple stars and even Dragon Eggs, and all of this from one firework in your back garden. Price TBC.   Click on the video to watch the firework.
Arabian Nights
This 36 shot large bore category 2 firework is a masterpiece of pyrotechnics. Featuring effects such as crackling brocades with green stars, red crackles, blue stars with gold brocades. The colours are crisp, the effects are tremendous, the pace is perfect and it will become a ‘must have’ for any display. Price TBC.  Click on the video to watch the firework.
 americana61 Americana 61
Enjoy the flamboyance and mixed colours of this stunning 61 shot display cake with its consistent pace, glittery comet tails, loud bangs and masses of silver glitter. Price TBC.
Rio Grande
This 80 shot cake combines pace, spectacle and gusto for the perfect display in a box that will dazzle and amaze your family and friends. Featuring a great range of stuning, vibrant colours and effects, no show will be complete without this beautiful piece. Price TBC.   Click on the video to watch the firework.
The Pulse is a jaw dropping finale piece that brings display quality timing and effects to the public. A fantastic 49 shot fan cake that launches red glitter brocade crowns with silver glitter tails and red and white glitter lift mines. You have to see this firework to appreciate its intensity and scale. Price TBC.   Click on the video to watch the firework.
 Spectacular 61
One of our range of display quality fireworks, with 61 shots, massive 30mm bore size and effects such as red and green crackling flowers, purple, green and blue Peonys, red wave, green wave, red stars with white glitter and crackling tails with large crackling breaks. A stunning firework with very impressive effects and perfect timing. Price TBC.   Click on the video to watch the firework.
Oceans 3
Oceans 3 is a category 2 barrage pack with a difference. Containing 3 x 35 shot cakes each with primary and reserve fuses and each with outstanding effects mean that semi-professional effects are now safe and suitable for smaller gardens. Effects include crackle tails, glitter, blues, gold, silver brocades and much more. Price TBC each or TBC for the set of three. Click on the video to watch the firework.
Tango is a tremendous 92 shot cake which brings you the spectacle of dancing, dazzling fireworks in the sky. Packing not only a punch with large bursts, Tango also has a stunning mix of display quality effects making this a top of the range firework perfect for any celebration. Price TBC.   Click on the video to watch the firework.
 samba70  Samba 70
This firework is the life and soul of the party. 70 large shots with massive bursts create a dancing frenzy in the sky. From start to finish Samba is a stunning firework with a myriad of colours and effects, each more colourful and brighter than the previous. Perfect for getting the party started. TBC
A beautiful back garden firework with pace and effects to dazzle your family and friends. Manta is a straight up, all bangs firework with purple and silver glitter, brilliant lemon coloured stars, gold willow and blue stars and a finale of peach and lemon stars with silver glitter. Superb. Price TBC.   Clcik on the video to watch the firework.